Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Open Source #SharePoint File Clean-Up Tool

Hello SharePoint Community. Don't we just love sharing code sometimes? Well I figured this might help someone somewhere in the community. First off, some basic house keeping.
  • Are you still running #Microsoft #SharePoint Server 2010?
  • Are you looking at migrating/upgrading to a more recent version of SharePoint but you would like to first clean up your environment and potentially reduce the size of your content databases?
  • Did you activate version history on some of your document libraries?
  • Did you forget to set the maximum limit of versions to retain on some of your documents libraries?
  • Do you wonder why some document libraries have grown so much in size and yet they don't have a lot of documents stored in them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this tool might be useful for you.
I've decided to open source a tool I created sometime back that would clean up your SharePoint 2010 stored file's version history. Feel free to download it on GitHub here

To give you a bit more information of what the tool does. This is a tool for cleaning up version history that has span out of control and resulted in large size document libraries. SharePoint 2010 had no shredded storage, therefore, each version retained the full document size. Shredded storage was only introduced in SharePoint 2013. The tool is a combination of #CSharp and #PowerShell. I packaged the solution as a WSP, deploy-able to the SharePoint Farm and the clean up happens under a #SharePointTimerJob, activated as a farm feature while the parameters like how many versions to retain or whether a site collection should be skipped for clean up is activated as a site collection feature.

In a situation where you are looking to upgrade your SharePoint farm, some might say, "Well since shredded storage is in SharePoint 2013 on-wards, then I wont need this tool", while others will say "Wait a minute, if I move my large sized document libraries, shredded storage in SharePoint 2013 wont magically shrink them now will it?"

If you are interested, head over to the #GitHub location where I have written down a step-by-step deployment guide and download the tool. As the tool is open source, I will great appreciate any feedback that you may have, including the negative ones ;)
I will also be making open source a SharePoint Library #Migration tool soon. Look out for it.


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