Monday, December 22, 2008

Zambia's first Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007

Ok so my workmate Charles and I just finished developing a Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007. Again we do something that has never been done before in Zambia, on SharePoint!!! So here is how it works: First of all, it’s mainly using SharePoint Lists, Views dependent on your log in credentials, InfoPath Forms that pull their data from the SharePoint list based on specific selection criteria. The marketing dept captures the details of the trucks expected to arrive, only after which, the Security personnel will be able to see the details of the expected trucks and authorize entry. This then allows the truck details on empty weight and on loaded weight to be captured to the same system from the Weighbridge and sealing details confirmed. Only when the weighbridge process has been confirmed, the Security to authorize exit would be able to view the truck details, which they will use for their exit authorization. This piece of a SharePoint system generates various reports by date, by amounts of load, by end users…guys I could go on!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Enabling Publishing Feature disables "Save Site as Template link"

SharePoint Server 2007 with Office SharePoint Server Publishing Feature activated on farm/site collection, but not on every site within the site collection. Those sites without the Publishing Feature activated include the Save Site as Template link under the Look and Feel section on the Site Settings page of the site.

Those sites with the Publishing Feature activated do not include the Save Site as Template link. But, if you hard code the Save Site as Template URL parameter into the browser address line, appended to the current site address, that is, http://server_name/sitedirectory/sitename/(underscore)layouts/savetmpl.aspx , you can still save those sites as templates. Sites created from those templates then include the Publishing Feature activated by default.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From the place of Gold trip

Ok so i just came back from Johannesburg, where i had been for a week attending training in Advanced Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 from iSolve business solutions in sunninghill. During my stay, i had a opportunity of meeting Robert MacLean and oh my Goodness he gave them to me, the webcasts from the PDC2008!!! they are movies for Christmas indeed!!! ROBERT FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Then i linked up with Tebatso from AccTech Consultants, am like these guys just wanna finish up my portable hard drive right!!! but i made Tebatso happy by giving him the PDC2008 webcasts too, guys am enjoying the webcasts, making me feel like i was actually in attendance. Then the pass4sure SharePoint questions i picked up from Tebatso are making me think "What am i still waiting for...why not take the MCTS - MOSS exams end of December..." Now thats the way to start a new year Yeahh!!!

So, while at iSolve, what did we do? MOSS Site definations, site templates, masterpages, CSS, XML, Pagelayouts, creating datasources, site permissions....guys i could go on....but what was funny was that out of a class of 6, i had the longest experience in MOSS 2007, wasn't i chaft!!! (not mentioning that my company is the only one using MOSS in Zambia)

For now, am going back to watch the PDC2008 webcasts while i prepare for my MOSS 2007 exams!!!

PS. On my way back home, i had to connect on 3 flights. Missed 1 while two other flights got delayed, the rest is a long story...but it all wasn't my fault, but the airlines.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


25 MCTS SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR MOSS, I came across these and just couldn't resist to share, i hope they will give you a jump start to prepare for those certifications.

1) You deploy the English language version of Moss you install French, German and Japanese language packs. You need to ensure that users do not create a personal sites in any other language other than English. what should you do.

ANS: Configure My site Settings to disable the language option

2) You need to place a link on top navigation bar of your company’s corporate web site. You need to ensure that the link appears on all the pages within the root site collection. What should you do??

ANS: Configure the site Navigation settings for the root site collection.

3) You create a site collection for each dept in your company. You need to schedule the deployment of content from the sales site collection to the Marketing site collection. Which two actions should you perform?

ANS: Configure the content deployment settings for the marketing site to accept the incoming content deployment jobs and create a new content deployment path and job.

4) You create a content type named sales report and associate it with a document library for the sales department. you need to ensure that the metadata for all the sales report appears when the document is opened in Microsoft office word 2007...what should you do??

ANS: Modify the document information panel settings for the sales report content type.

5) You need to create a SharePoint usage logs in a flat text file. What should you do?

ANS: In SharePoint central administration, enable logging in usage analysis processing.

6) You need to automatically create a new announcements list item when new documents are added to the communications document library. What should you do..

ANS: Create a new workflow by using Microsoft office SharePoint designer 2007.Associate the workflow with the communications document library. Also associate the disposition approval workflow with the communication document library.

7) You create a new site that uses the records repository template. With in the records repository, you create a document library named contracts. You need to ensure that all contracts that are sent to the records repository are automatically placed in the contracts document library...What should you do?

ANS: Add a new entry to the record routing type table.

8) You need to prevent users from printing confidential documents that are stored in the document library. Which two actions should you perform?

ANS: Enable the Information rights management on the document library and configure the server farm to use IRM.

9) A site based on the Records Center template is used to store records of customer service level agreements (SLAs) in the Customers document library. Other records related to customer transactions are also stored in the Customers document library.

You need to track any modifications or deletions of an SLA.

What should you do?

ANS: Create an information management policy and associate it with the SLA content type.

10) Business data is stored on a server running SQL Server 2005. You need to create a SharePoint site that shows key performance indicators for the business data and allows users to view the most up-to-date version of the reports created by SQL Server Reporting Service.

You need to select the appropriate site template.

What template should you use?

ANS: Report Center

11) You are upgrading a server running SharePoint Services 2.0 to SharePoint Server 2007 as the first server in an in-place upgrade. The server contains a number of lists, form libraries, and site collections. You have performed the upgrade and run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard.

You need to ensure that all content is available to users.

What should you do?

ANS: Create forms document libraries and add updated forms to them.

12) You add a partner's Web site as a content source using the following uniform resource locator URL:

Users report that content from the following URLs do not appear in the results:

You need to ensure that the entire Web site is indexed.

What should you do?

ANS: Add a crawl rule and enable complex URLs.

13) You are a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 administrator. You need to enable users who log on to SharePoint to use the single sign-on feature to access other resources. You create a domain user account named SSO and configure the Single Sign-On service to use the account as its service account.

You need to ensure that the account has the necessary permissions. Your solution should not grant more than the necessary permissions.

What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

ANS: Add SSO to the Log on as a service user right on the SharePoint server & Grant SSO the Create and Modify permission on the single sign-on database

14) You manage a SharePoint farm that has two Shared Service Providers (SSPs) to allow the MySites sites for users to be hosted on two different servers. You want to consolidate the MySites sites and deleted the additional SSP.

You need to prepare to delete additional SSP.

What should you do?

ANS: Associate all Web applications with the other SSP.

15) An InfoPath form named Supply Request is added to a Web application. The form needs to access a Web service named Stock Checker on a different Web server than the one running SharePoint. Stock Checker must be accessed using different credentials than those used to access SharePoint.

You need to ensure that users are not prompted for the Stock Checker credentials.

What should you do?

ANS: Enable the Web service proxy on the SharePoint server

16) Users report that new content is not returned in search results when they
perform searches from the root SharePoint site. You need to ensure that
search results display all relevant content for the queries.
What should you do?

A. Restart the Office SharePoint Server Search service.
B. Perform an IIS reset.
C. Restart the Windows Search Service service.
D. Reset all crawled content. Start a full crawl.

Answer: D

17) You need to extend user profiles to include the employee ID property from
Active Directory.
What should you do?

A. Create a new connection to an Active Directory directory service domain
B. In the root SharePoint site, add an employeelD column to the Contacts list.
C. Create a new user profile property that has import mapping.
D. Create a new profile properties section named employeelD.

Answer: C

18) You access content in a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 area by using a
desktop icon to the following URL:
You upgrade the server that runs SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft
Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.
You need to access the migrated content after the upgrade.
What should you do?

A. Run the stsadm command with the syncsolution operator.
B. Run Scan for Broken Links in the site directory.
C. From the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 installation CD,
run the prescan.exe command.
D. Edit the shortcut to reference the new URL.

Answer: D

19) You are planning the migration of a Microsoft Content Management Server
(MCMS) 2002 server to your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
2007 environment. You need to identify the migration tasks that need to be
completed. What should you do on the MOSS server?

A. Run the prescan.exe command from the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
2007 installation CD.
B. Run the stsadm command with the upgradesolution operator.
C. Run the stsadm command with the createcmsprofile operator.
D. Run the CMS Assessment tool.

Answer: D

20) The development team creates a sales application that uses a Microsoft SQL
Server 2005 database. The database contains information that you want to
expose through a Business Data List Web part. You need to configure your
server to support this configuration. What should you do?

A. Request a signed assembly from the development team. Upload the assembly
to the global assembly cache.
B. Create a new content source for the URL of the Microsoft SQL Server
C. Request an application definition file from the development team. Install the
D. Add the URL of the sales application to the trusted file locations list.

Answer: C

21) You store a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet on an external Web site. You
configure the external Web site to allow anonymous authentication. When
users attempt to open the spreadsheet through Excel Services, they receive an
access denied error. You need to configure your SharePoint server to
ensure that the external Excel spreadsheet is available through Excel
What should you do?
A. Add a new Excel Services trusted data provider
B. Configure the External Data Unattended Access account for Excel Services.
C. Add a new Excel Services trusted file location.
D. Add a new Excel Services trusted data connection library.
Answer: C

22) A list view Web part named Products displays product names. You need to add another Web part to ensure
that users are able to manually enter filter values on the Products Web part. Which Web part should you add?

A. Search Box
B. Reusable Content
C. Text Filter
D. Business Data List

Answer: C

23) You create a new SharePoint site that uses the Report Center template.
You need to create a new page in the Report Center that contains the following default Web parts:
Excel Web Access
Key Performance Indicators
KPI Details
What should you do?

A. Create a new page in the Report Center that uses the Article page layout.
B. Create a new page in the Report Center that uses the News Home page layout.
C. Create a new site that uses the Document Center template.
D. Create a new dashboard page in the Report Center.

Answer: D

24) You create a Business Data Catalog (BDC) application that queries a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. The
content that is exposed through the BDC is not available in search results. You need to make the data available
to searches. What should you do?

A. Assign the Selectable in Clients right to the Administrator account.
B. Add the Document Library Web part to the BDC profile page template.
C. Assign the Copy Selected Permissions to all the Applications and Entities in the Business Data Catalog right to
the Administrator account.
D. Configure a default access account for the BDC application.

Answer: D

25) You need to create a new site that will have
a built-in key performance indicators (KPI) list.
a built-in data connections library.
a built-in reference library.
Which site template should you use to create the new site?

A. Document Center
B. Records Repository
C. Publishing
D. Report Center

Answer: D

So, what do you think?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 In Zambia

I wanna kick off my blog with this post.

I would like to share that i have Implemented MOSS 2007 at the largest copper mine in Africa which i work for, with currently 9 collaboration portals being used by the end users. I have also developed some applications into it, some of them which are being used by the accounts dept, a travel system being used by the logistics section, and I just finished working on a help desk system that is also integrating into our MOSS 2007, using Infopath, and 5 workflows (developed in SharePoint Designer)...(thanks to Michael O'Donovan of Microsoft ZA - that meeting while i was at your SA Offices has really paid off mate)

You might wanna know that i first implemented all this on a VMWare infrastructure until a fews days ago when i performed a farm migration to Physical machines, to ease on the resources it was depending on...

Note that this is the first implementation of its kind not just in a mine in Zambia but to the nation as a whole, at such a scale...

So far its accessed by about 2000 users...

Am also developing its Report server, which will connect to MS SQL database. You can imagine how i feel being project manager of this whole project.

Parallel to this is its Governance Documentation and Disaster Recovery Plan that am also almost done with...phewww.....

During my Implementation, I also met Lynn Langit of Microsoft CA - That was a lovely chat we had Lynn, i loved the cake too, thanks for sharing the knowledge...can't wait for that HDD.

I will be telling you more about this along the way...

Welcome to my blog...stay tuned...