Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zambia's first Helpdesk System on SharePoint

For my 25th birthday today 3rd March, 2009, allow me to present to you another first of its kind in Zambia. Yes we have done it again, having been Project manager, I present to you Zambia's first Helpdesk System which Masialeti and I have developed on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The system also implements SharePoint designer workflows, Infopath forms, SharePoint document library and sends email notifications to the relevant personnel. When a user logs in a call, the user automatically receives a mail from the system, telling them that their call has been received and is being attended to, IT section will also receive a notification and the helpdesk manager will assign the call to the right IT guy who will also automatically receive a mail notification from the system. When the call is resolved, the user again automatically gets notified by the system with a mail giving them description of the problem they logged and also how it has been resolved. The user also has an option of re-activating the call if they are not happy with the resolution and the loop is started all over again. A knowledge base is also eventually built for the user who can always look at all the calls that they have ever logged before.

Oh and there is something am doing on the 16th March, 2009, Watch This Space....


Anonymous said...

very cool. did you use the fab 40 templates at all?

i would love to see some posts on why you choose SharePoint over other technologies as I see better fits for helpdesks than SharePoint.

meiks said...

Well...I guess its a classic case of "We have the software why not milk it for all its worth".
Hope you have made DR provisions and have a stand-in system in place. The last thing you want is for sharepoint to crash and take your whole heldpdesk operation with it. Where will the users log calls to then?

Christopher said...

Well actually i didn't use any of the forty templates, and yeah it was a thing getting our money back on SharePoint :)

The issue of SharePoint DR has now become major, as we are now also running our back bone system on it, A Copper concentrate logistics system we developed, which tells us how much copper we are we are taking out, and make projections from it.

Meiks, Robert, is it possible to have a cluster environment of SharePoint?

Arné said...

very nice to see successfull implementations like these

Pintu said...

I have a Application we are using aduserid authentication for accessing web pages.It working fine for all pages except only one page.
when a normal user click on Menu provided to open the page for first time it through error "http error 403 forbidden".

But When a HO Sysytem take the user id and login that page open with no error without any problem.

And Then After the user open his page with out any error for one day and after that day the same error happens we have do the same process again then that page working.

Can U sujest what may reason behind this.

Christopher said...

Hi Pintu,

check this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822322

mikhail said...

Sharepoint helpdesk system may be easily realized with third-party solution, like: harepoint.com/Products/HarePointHelpDesk/Default.aspx