Thursday, January 21, 2010

A quick ROI on SharePoint Intranet

To Start Year 2010, I thought I could come up with a list of a few simple things you can do with SharePoint Intranet to quickly start getting your ROI:

1. You can use your SharePoint lists to organize and track your organizations travel schedules.

2. You can create a web based company notice board.

3. You can set up departmental sites for your organization.

4. On your departmental sites, you can use the shared calendars to schedule meetings, display when key staff would be away from office, as well as show company recognized public holidays.

5. With company naming standards in place, you can upload your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to designations Document libraries.

6. Using lists, you can track your company’s invoices from the point of receipt to the point of paying it off.

7. You can set up a news site that has RSS feeds from other external news websites.

8. You can set up a helpdesk system that would allow your organizations users to log in calls online and be able to track them, with the ability of email notification.

9. You can set up an online leave application process, where users can request to go on leave by doing an online application.

10. In monthly/daily company production/sales/financial budgets reporting, you can upload the spreadsheets (Excel 2007/10) that are used to generate the graphs from, and publish them, to maintain one version of the truth and with controlled access.

11. You can create a company internal training site.

12. You can set up a company internal adverts site for items that are on sale.

13. You can set up a company assets allocation list, specifying who, when and where the asset has been allocated to.

14. You can create a simple site to manage your organizations change management.

15. And you can quickly take a walk around your organization, identify the manual processes that require automation onto SharePoint, and then contact me.

16. etc