Thursday, September 5, 2013

SP2013 Config DBs: ERROR "This SQLServer instance does not have the required max degree of parallelism"

During installation of SharePoint 2013, you may come across the above error. A SQL 2008 configuration setting required for this was only a recommendation in the previous versions of SharePoint installations but now is a prerequisite for SharePoint 2013 installation. To configure it, here is how:

SP2013 Web Apps: Converting a Web Application from classic to claims authetication

After a migration and upgrade of SharePoint from 2010 to 2013, where you had the web applications created in classic authentication, you might want to now convert them to SharePoint 2013's claims authentication. To do so, here is how:

SP2013 Web Apps: Create Web Applications in Classic Authetication Mode

As you may already be aware, when you create a new web application in SharePoint 2013, it by default creates in claims authentication mode. If you are under going a migration and upgrade from SP2010 to SP2013 and you would first want to create classic authentication web apps to attach the DBs to, here is how:

SP2013 Security: Sign in as different user

You might have already noticed that "Sign in as different user" by default does not show in a new installation of SharePoint 2013, here is what you can do to bring it back:

SharePoint 2013 Search: ERROR "SharePoint 2013 SearchService did not finish loading"

If this error comes up in the Search Service Application Administrative Status page

SP2013 Distributed Cache 'Not-to-do'

In SharePoint 2013, the Distributed Cache service can end up in a non-functioning or unrecoverable state if you do not follow the procedures that are listed in this...