Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some SharePoint facts

• SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft.

• Over 75 million licenses of SharePoint have been sold worldwide.

• SharePoint is listed, by Forrester, as the number 1 portal product.

• SharePoint is positioned as a leader within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals products.

• Over 400 case studies have been published on SharePoint.

Why should you use SharePoint?

SharePoint solves four main problems:

• As companies grow so does the amount of their files. It soon becomes difficult to keep track of the multiplying documents and their locations. SharePoint overcomes this by allowing you to store and locate your files in a central site. Files can also be located through company wide searches of your SharePoint enterprise portal.

• Sharing work files through email is a cumbersome process. SharePoint eliminates this by allowing files to be stored in one location, allowing easy access to all team members.

• Today’s work occurs over multiple locations, whether it is in different countries, office locations, separate departments or at your home office. SharePoint enables teams and individuals to connect and collaborate together regardless of where they are located.

• It’s difficult and time consuming to create and maintain sites. SharePoint allows anyone to create sites for use within their company’s Intranet, as they are needed, whether they are departmental sites, document libraries, meetings sites, survey sites, or discussion boards

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Detour: Wolfram|Alpha goes Live

Yesterday 18th May, Wolfram|Alpha went Live! This computational engine will prove to be a serious Google competitor. To me, its like the best thing since the invention of Google. Kudos to Stephen Wolfram for his 20 years work.