Monday, December 22, 2008

Zambia's first Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007

Ok so my workmate Charles and I just finished developing a Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007. Again we do something that has never been done before in Zambia, on SharePoint!!! So here is how it works: First of all, it’s mainly using SharePoint Lists, Views dependent on your log in credentials, InfoPath Forms that pull their data from the SharePoint list based on specific selection criteria. The marketing dept captures the details of the trucks expected to arrive, only after which, the Security personnel will be able to see the details of the expected trucks and authorize entry. This then allows the truck details on empty weight and on loaded weight to be captured to the same system from the Weighbridge and sealing details confirmed. Only when the weighbridge process has been confirmed, the Security to authorize exit would be able to view the truck details, which they will use for their exit authorization. This piece of a SharePoint system generates various reports by date, by amounts of load, by end users…guys I could go on!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Enabling Publishing Feature disables "Save Site as Template link"

SharePoint Server 2007 with Office SharePoint Server Publishing Feature activated on farm/site collection, but not on every site within the site collection. Those sites without the Publishing Feature activated include the Save Site as Template link under the Look and Feel section on the Site Settings page of the site.

Those sites with the Publishing Feature activated do not include the Save Site as Template link. But, if you hard code the Save Site as Template URL parameter into the browser address line, appended to the current site address, that is, http://server_name/sitedirectory/sitename/(underscore)layouts/savetmpl.aspx , you can still save those sites as templates. Sites created from those templates then include the Publishing Feature activated by default.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From the place of Gold trip

Ok so i just came back from Johannesburg, where i had been for a week attending training in Advanced Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 from iSolve business solutions in sunninghill. During my stay, i had a opportunity of meeting Robert MacLean and oh my Goodness he gave them to me, the webcasts from the PDC2008!!! they are movies for Christmas indeed!!! ROBERT FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Then i linked up with Tebatso from AccTech Consultants, am like these guys just wanna finish up my portable hard drive right!!! but i made Tebatso happy by giving him the PDC2008 webcasts too, guys am enjoying the webcasts, making me feel like i was actually in attendance. Then the pass4sure SharePoint questions i picked up from Tebatso are making me think "What am i still waiting for...why not take the MCTS - MOSS exams end of December..." Now thats the way to start a new year Yeahh!!!

So, while at iSolve, what did we do? MOSS Site definations, site templates, masterpages, CSS, XML, Pagelayouts, creating datasources, site permissions....guys i could go on....but what was funny was that out of a class of 6, i had the longest experience in MOSS 2007, wasn't i chaft!!! (not mentioning that my company is the only one using MOSS in Zambia)

For now, am going back to watch the PDC2008 webcasts while i prepare for my MOSS 2007 exams!!!

PS. On my way back home, i had to connect on 3 flights. Missed 1 while two other flights got delayed, the rest is a long story...but it all wasn't my fault, but the airlines.