Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SharePoint Workflow Tip: Starting a K2 BlackPoint workflow manually (A Workaround)

I was this one time faced in a situation where list items that should have kicked off a K2 workflow automatically, had been created but the workflows had not started. Firstly, the reason the workflow could not start was because...
the K2 databases had been moved to another database server but the configurations in the K2HostServer DB, Configurations table, where point to the old environment. So after re-running the K2 configuration wizard, I still could not figure out where to start the workflow manually for the already submitted list items. Out of 'guess' work (with some logical thinking of course), I decided to delete the list items and then followed them to the SharePoint recycle bin, and restored them back to the list, and guess what...the workflow ran! and there you have it, a simple workaround :)

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