Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Search: Does not work when I’m offline…oh now it does!!!

Normally, for Specialists that are installing their SharePoint 2010 Demo environments, so as to demonstrate custom solutions to clients, they usually do their installations onto their machines (Laptops) that in most cases are connected to their company domains. So what happens when the Specialist goes home or is at a client site is that, their SharePoint 2010 Search fails to return any results, and the wonder why this is so when not only are there no errors being registered but they also have full permissions on anything they can think of, after all, they did the installation themselves using an account with admin privileges. ;)

In my opinion, it actually makes sense that an environment installed this way should actually have its SharePoint 2010 Search fail to return any results.

Unfortunately there are not so many solutions (if at all any) to this issue out there on the Internet, and so I thought I could write it down in an effort to help someone out there.

The Cause:

The cause is simple. It’s because you are not connected to the company domain. Remember that SharePoint 2010 now has service applications for each service, and each service application can have assigned credentials that it uses to run under. So basically, the domain\username account that is being used on the service application is practically trying to get authenticated from the company domain and this fails because there is no connection back to the domain, therefore, it won’t access the service application and search won’t work.

The Solution

1. Firstly, if you are going to set up a Demo SharePoint 2010 Environment, log in to the machine using the Local Account

2. Make sure that the Local account you are using has got the right permissions on the machine and your SQL Instance.

3. Once you finish the installation, make sure that the Search Service Application Pool uses a Local Account, NOT local Service.

4. Access Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Service Applications, and highlight the Search Service Application for your Web Application.

5. On the Ribbon, click Administrators and add the Local Account that the Search Service Application pool is running under.

6. And your SharePoint 2010 Search should now work when you are offline!!!


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