Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From the place of Gold trip

Ok so i just came back from Johannesburg, where i had been for a week attending training in Advanced Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 from iSolve business solutions in sunninghill. During my stay, i had a opportunity of meeting Robert MacLean and oh my Goodness he gave them to me, the webcasts from the PDC2008!!! they are movies for Christmas indeed!!! ROBERT FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Then i linked up with Tebatso from AccTech Consultants, am like these guys just wanna finish up my portable hard drive right!!! but i made Tebatso happy by giving him the PDC2008 webcasts too, guys am enjoying the webcasts, making me feel like i was actually in attendance. Then the pass4sure SharePoint questions i picked up from Tebatso are making me think "What am i still waiting for...why not take the MCTS - MOSS exams end of December..." Now thats the way to start a new year Yeahh!!!

So, while at iSolve, what did we do? MOSS Site definations, site templates, masterpages, CSS, XML, Pagelayouts, creating datasources, site permissions....guys i could go on....but what was funny was that out of a class of 6, i had the longest experience in MOSS 2007, wasn't i chaft!!! (not mentioning that my company is the only one using MOSS in Zambia)

For now, am going back to watch the PDC2008 webcasts while i prepare for my MOSS 2007 exams!!!

PS. On my way back home, i had to connect on 3 flights. Missed 1 while two other flights got delayed, the rest is a long story...but it all wasn't my fault, but the airlines.

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